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Iguana on Tour

Iguana on Tour 2013

Unfortunately these guys had to cancel their European tour. Iguana still want to close 2013 with a bang and hit the clubs in Dresden, Halle and Leipzig this weekend. You really should be there, if you have the chance, since their last album has been highly recommended by music lovers and critics. If this gigs are to far away from you, wait till next year. They will be back!

Also check out their music video, which premiered on noisey a few weeks back:

Tour dates

31.10. Dresden – Ostpol
01.11. Halle (Saale) – Marktwirtschaft
02.11. Leipzig – Goldhorn

Iguana online

Tanksgiving Peace Fest 2013 (GER – November)

Tanksgiving Peace Fest 2013

This is how we like. DIY all the way. Darmstadt music lovers built up an awesome little scene by itself over the years. This happening is a perfect example of what you can do, if you just want to.

  Date   16. November
  Location   Darmstadt – Oettinger Villa
  Genre   Psychedelic, Stoner, Heavy
  Visitors   A small but loveable crowd
  • Saturday Ticket: 10 Euro (Doors: 14 Euro)
  Website   Tanksgiving Festival Website
  Community   Festival on Facebook
  • Cheap Thrills (NED)
  • Cliffsight (GER)
  • He.Artwork (GER)
  • Nic Demasow (GER)
  • Mandoferno (GER)
  • My Sleeping Karma (GER)

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Blue Moon Festival 2013 (GER – November)

Blue Moon Festival 2013

Fourth edition of this small but great indoor festival. This time the second day is upgraded into a bigger venue. Check out the website for all details.

  Date   29./30. November
  Location   Cottbus – Gladhouse & La Casa
  Genre   Psychedelic, Stoner Post-Rock, Noise
  Visitors   Around 500
  • Weekend Ticket: 35 Euro (Doors: 40 Euro)
  • Saturday Ticket: 25 Euro (Doors: 30 Euro)
  Website   Blue Moon Festival Website
  Community   Festival on Facebook
  • Colour Haze (GER)
  • Dyse (GER)
  • Glowsun (FRA)
  • Grandloom (GER)
  • Intronaut (USA)
  • Monkey3 (CH)
  • Mother Engine (GER)
  • Operators (GER)
  • Pyrior (GER)
  • Scale The Summit (USA)

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