European Underground Festivals 2013

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Aquamaria Festival 2013 – GER, Plattenburg – Website
Blue Moon Festival 2013 – GER, Cottbus – Website
Burg Herzberg Festival 2013 – GER, Herzberg – Website
Deep Sound City Festival – GER, Halle – Website
Desertfest London 2013 – UK, London – Website
Roadburn 2013 – NL, Tilburg – Website
Rotormania 2013 – GER – Website
Stone Rising Festival 2013 – FR, Lyon – Website
Woodstock Forever Festival 2013 – GER, Thüringen – Website

Because of the many, many requests we can’t include every festival into our planner. We would love to, but it’s to much time consuming work.

We decided to list every festival here. But not every single one will be „presented by“. If you would like to collaborate with us, we would be happy to present your festival. Put our logo on your posters and flyers or plan a raffle with us, anything like that.

We have to see you want to work together with us. Give and Take.

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