Tanksgiving Peace Fest 2013 (GER – November)

Tanksgiving Peace Fest 2013

This is how we like. DIY all the way. Darmstadt music lovers built up an awesome little scene by itself over the years. This happening is a perfect example of what you can do, if you just want to.

  Date   16. November
  Location   Darmstadt – Oettinger Villa
  Genre   Psychedelic, Stoner, Heavy
  Visitors   A small but loveable crowd
  • Saturday Ticket: 10 Euro (Doors: 14 Euro)
  Website   Tanksgiving Festival Website
  Community   Festival on Facebook
  • Cheap Thrills (NED)
  • Cliffsight (GER)
  • He.Artwork (GER)
  • Nic Demasow (GER)
  • Mandoferno (GER)
  • My Sleeping Karma (GER)

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