History of Underground Rock

There are these who hate to label everything with a certain genre name, and there are these who find it helpful. It can even lead to interesting discussions about origins and roots. To label bands and musical styles hasn’t just been invented for music magazines and the press, but to find your way in the infinite sphere of music. Especially today we are overflowed by impressions by using the Internet.

My categories don’t have to be right. Links could have be set between the wrong divisions. Each band could probably be listed in another genre. The „History of Underground Rock. Where from? Where to?“ is just one way to put it. It’s not the right way. That just needed to be said. I still hope you can enjoy the visual version of our beloved music, we are listening to every day. Maybe you even find some new bands or inspirations to listen to. Either way, here it is:

Older versions:

To do list:

– Adding old desert bands like: Across The River

For improvement proposals use our community board thread. If I get enough Input there will be a version 4.0 for sure! Please don’t write emails regarding the ‚history of underground rock‘.