Lo Sound Desert: Update #2

Joerg was kind enough to write a few words once again:

He had a good time at Sean Wheelers (Throw Rag, Zander Schloss & Sean Wheeler) house yesterday. Sean killed two really huge black widows while eating a cheese burrito. Besides that he also gave a cool interview of course.

Unfortunately they are having a few problems which they try to solve right now. The Heat in California is brutal at the moment. Without air conditioners people would probably break down immediately.

Also it’s really hard for Joerg to get a hold on Scott Reeder, Dave Catching and a few others, since they’re all currently busy with recordings. Not the best condition for making a proper documentary.

It’s a must to show some footage of the Rancho de la Luna (for those who don’t know: It’s a recording studio in Joshua Tree founded by Fred Drake and Dave Catching and housed such bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu and Mark Lanegan). But right now he does not have the opportunity to shoot there. It would be also cool to film Scott Reeders ranch. It doesn’t look so good for that eighter though…

The bad news don’t stop: The band Unsound a great punk band from the desert won’t play the desert party in Thermal this saturday, which is a real bummer to a lot of people who love this band, because Unsound were really popular within the desert scene.

The reason is simple and excuseable though: The singers wife awaits their child for this date.
Also Mario Lalli is worried about the heat on saturday. He’s afraid that actually too many bands will play and their schedule is set too early.

Let’s hope things work out and Joerg has a great time in the desert anyway!


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