Lo Sound Desert: Update #1

Joerg Steineck fed us with some News from the USA!

Right after landing in Los Angeles Joerg drove to Mario Lallis bar called cafe 322. They met to talk about preparations for a desert rock party in Thermal they’re planing together. They want to do one in tribute to the old generator parties and to do a few final shots for the movie.
While talking, Larry – Marios cousin – served them great appetizers to stay focused. It was very nice and productive. These guys obviously really are down-to-earth.

The following day Joerg drove up the Interstate 15 to Las Vegas. They did a music video shoot for a Portuguese Band named Miss Lava there. They were really cool guys and nice to work with. They had a lot fun with an old, awesome Riviera and a cowboy couple. What can you ask more for?
Managing, filming and keeping control went to complete chaos but everything turned out great in the end! Another successful day.

Next day he drove back to L.A. and started doing interviews with multi instrumentalist Alain Johannes who should be known for his work with Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven and of course as an solo artist! He also hooked up with Matt Hyde who worked together as a producer with bands like Monster Magnet, Slayer, Fu Manchu and many more. And not to forget Dave Travis, one of the first guys who did generator parties outside Los Angeles back in the late 80s.

Tomorrow Joerg heading off to Palm Desert to meet more interview partners from the desert scene. I can tell he is psyched!

Stay tuned for more!

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