Interview: Radar Men From The Moon – Freak Valley Festival 2013

During the great festival in Netphen I had the chance to talk to the three dutch guys of Radarmen From The Moon.

Nik: Hey men. Nice to meet you at the Freak Valley Festival. First of all: Can you please introduce yourself?

RMFTM: I’m Glenn and play guitar. I’m Tony, the drummer of Radar Men from the Moon. And I’m Titus – bass guitar.

Nik: Ok, what is Radar Men from the Moon about?

Tony: Oh well, it’s about playing instrumental rock music and I guess having fun. And Punkrock!

Nik: Since I’ve noticed you, I haven’t recognized a German date on your tour list. So it was your first gig in Germany? You enjoyed it?

Tony: Yes, very much. It was the first gig and the audience was great. Lots of people turned out, so yeah, it was awesome.

Nik: Glenn, you threw your guitar away after the last song…

Glenn: I had some problems with my effect boards and don’t know what it was. Yeah, I got really pissed off at the end!

Nik: You’ve done music for some years now and toured already in Europe. Why was your first show in Germany just today? Haven’t there been any offers by bookers in the past?

Tony: Well, it was the first gig, but I guess in every country you have to make baby steps. Last year we had done a lot of important shows, for example in Italy, France and the UK. Now, we’re just trying to do a couple more of tours. Since this is the first gig in Germany, I guess we can do more and more next year, because more people will know us and help us out.

Nik: I hope so. If you compare the period of time from September to now (release of their second record Echo Forever), what has changed?

Tony: For one thing, our music changed. We became a bit more grown. Secondly I guess, we had a couple of important shows, like Roadburn and the tour to Greece and the Balkan area. I also think a lot of people at the internet come together on our pages and so we get more friends every day. Yeah, we didn’t expect it at all, but it’s great so far. If I consider it from September to now, it’s a large growth.

Nik: So what are the plans for the future?

Titus: We’re going to record a new album next month. Now, we have to work out the songs, they aren’t finished at all. After that we do a two weeks tour in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. And then we have a three months break, because I will go for vacation to India. Afterwards we release the album and then we will continue the journey.