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Void Fest 2015


This one has to be one of the most loveable festivals around. Set on top of a hill, sourrounded by Bavarian trees, this event is put together by a group of friends and music lovers, to give you an amazing weekend without worries. Not to forget the great lineup choices, ranging from Stoner Rock to Black Metal. There are also movie screenings and vegan food is available.

  Date   31. July & 01. August
  Location   Bad Kötzing
  Genre   Stoner, Psychedelic, Doom
  Visitors   Around 1000
  Tickets   coming soon
  Website   Void Fest Website
  Facebook   Void on Facebook
  • Beehoover • GER • Experimental Stoner Doom
  • Death Hawks • FIN • Alternative Psychedelic Rock
  • Get Your Gun • DK • Stoner Rock
  • Hemelbestormer • BE • Post Metal
  • Kasan • GER • Post Rock
  • Lantlôs • GER • Post-Black Metal
  • Mothers Cake • A • Experimental Alternative Psych Rock
  • My Sleeping Karma • GER • Psychedelic Rock
  • Paramnesia • FR • Atmospheric Black Metal
  • Pastor • A • Heavy Doom Rock
  • Pauw • NL • Psychedelic Prog Rock
  • Phantom Winter • GER • Sludge, Doom Metal
  • Picturebooks, The • GER • Blues Rock
  • Rosetta • USA • Post Hardcore/Metal
  Last Update   15.06.2015


Stoned From The Underground 2015


One of the oldest European Stoner Festivals around. With over 15 years of history and having had almost every important band on stage this is the go-to-festival for a large part of the community. The camping area is just a few meters located from a bathing lake. Don’t swim drunk!

  Date   09. – 11. July
  Location   Erfurt, Stotternheim
  Genre   Stoner, Psychedelic, Doom
  Visitors   Around 2500
  Tickets   Weekend Ticket 65€
  Website   Stoned Website
  Facebook   Stoned on Facebook
  • Danava • USA • Psychedelic Stoner
  • Dead Lord • SWE • Hard Rock
  • Dozer • SWE • Heavy Stoner Rock
  • Electric Wizard • USA • Stoner Doom
  • Elder • USA • Doom
  • Fizzt • GER • Psychedelic Garage Stoner Pop Rock
  • Greenleaf • SWE • Stoner Rock
  • High Fighter • GER • Rock
  • Honeymoon Disease • SWE • Groovy rock ’n‘ roll
  • John Garcia • USA • Desert Rock
  • Mammoth Mammoth • AU • Stoner Rock
  • Midnight Ghost Train • USA • Stoner Metal
  • Monomyth • NL • Space Rock
  • Moth, The • GER • Sludge
  • Mos Generator • USA • Rock
  • Nick Oliveri • USA • Desert Punk Rock
  • Pallbearer • USA • Doom
  • Powder for Pidgeons • GER • Rock
  • Radio Moscow • USA • Psychedelic Blues
  • RotoR • GER • Prog Stoner Rock
  • Stoned Jesus • UA • Heavy Stoner Rock
  • Tricky Lobsters • GER • Rock ’n Roll
  • White Miles • A • Stoner Blues Rock
  Last Update   15.06.2015


Festival Planner 2015


This is our fourth edition of the European Underground Festival Planner. Like the years before, the 2015 planner will include a lot of festivals we as a community-based fanzine cooperate with. We try to attend these festivals and feed you with photos, interviews, videos and festival reviews. The planner will be updated as often as possible to support the festival organisators and to inform our community with a clear overview of all the underground festivals of the year. We are very much looking forward to meet all of you again on the campsites!
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