Lo Sound Desert: Update #3

Joerg Steineck sent me a few information about how the big desert party went down:

Like expected the Thermal show was super stressful, but much fun at the same time. It went down almost perfectly: The bands were great (all totally different in style), the location stunning and many people (nearly 600 – much more than expected) came by and witnessed the gig in a clear desert night. We even were able to see a thunderstorm which were a thousand miles aways

It’s always the same thing with good parties of course… the police has to show up. In case of the Thermal show they were there three times and finally forced them to shut down the concert at 1 am. But after all it still was amazing!
Joerg is impressed about the small opportunities for an event like this and the huge results.
His team and he filmed the complete show and they are stoked to go through the tapes. Hopefully the sound mixer did a great job!

Joerg would like to thank Mario Lalli and all the sacrificially people which were involved to make it happen.

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