Newcomer of the Month – February 2014:
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Bong Cauldron

Okay guys, now this is really freakin’ heavy as f***! Nach den eher experimentell/blues-lastigen Bands (Wucan, Young Hunter, Pretty Lightning) unserer Kategorie Band of the Month, wagen wir uns jetzt in eine völlige andere Richtung. Eigentlich sollten Bong Cauldron die erste Band werden, die wir präsentieren. Das ganze hat sich jedoch so weit hinaus gezögert, dass die Band mittlerweile sogar schon ihre erste (selbst-betitelte) EP auf Superhot Records veröffentlicht hat.

Aufmerksam geworden sind wir auf die Sludge Band aus den Vereinigten Königreichen, durch das abgefahrene Live-Musik-Video von “Pissed Up” (klick), welchen wir euch auch auf unserem Soundcloud-Account vorstellen. Bong Cauldron klingen dabei wie das blaue Auge nach einer Massenschlägerei zwischen Eyehategod, Pantera und Buzzoven. Was soll man von einem Titel wie “Pissed Up” auch anderes erwarten?

Wir präsentieren jedenfalls mit Stolz unsere vierte Band des Monats – Bong Cauldron – mit ihrem Song Pissed Up:



  Gegründet   2011
  Urpsrung   UK/Leeds
  Genre   Sludge, Metal, Stoner
  BongCauldron sind…
  • Jay (Drums)
  • Ben (Bass, Gesang)
  • Biscuit (Guitar, Gesang)

Interview (eng.)

Your live music video of Pissed Up on YouTube is great. How did it come to that?

We got asked to play with Trippy Wicked by Joe from Tree of Sores. Straight away got on with them and a short while after the gig Chris got in touch and said he was interested in releasing our EP and helping us out. The superhot session was Chris’ idea as he had already put one out when he was drumming for Stubb. The idea was we would record the same day as Trippy one band after the other. We all agreed on a monday morning which was a bad idea. All of us were suffering after us guys being at Kin’ Hell Fest all weekend and the Trippy guys being at Desertfest. After the monolithic fry up Chris made, and all hangover cured we managed to get the video done pretty quick.

How did the band come together?

Biscuit: Myself and Jay have nearly always been in the same band as each other, we were playing in a stoner rock band at the time we met Corky who was playing in a thrash band at the same gig as us. We were pissed up twats that night and seemed to get along. I had wanted to start a band called BongCauldron with a swampy troll infested mangled drug trip vibe for a while. I told Corky after hanging out a few more times and he seemed interested. We were jamming riffs for fuckin’ ages, originally pure pummelling doom with a real Wizard and Sleep vibe, but after a while the songs started turning a lot more sludge. The final nail in the sludge coffin was when Jay joined, he brought the Eyehategod worship side to the band.

In times like these. How does a band get more people to know them?

Too many bands expect their reputation to carry them early on. The reality is that an agent isn’t going to walk into one of your pub gigs and make you the next big thing, this isn’t ’90s Manchester. You have to work your arse off. If you’re a good band and do the right things, network with the right people, put yourselves forward the right way and generally just don’t give yourself an ego trip, then the chance to make it is there. Look at Conan, two years ago there were about 20 of us watching them in one of Leeds’ smallest venues, now they’re playing Hellfest. A band needs to make sure they are getting around too, I’ve seen too many bands pull a massive crowd in their own city that would mean fuck all on a line up anywhere else. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good, just that the hype is all localised. All that doesn’t just apply to metal, from working in the music industry you see it across all genres.

Where is your home spot. And what’s the music scene like there?

Leeds. The music scene is brilliant here, loads of people stay on after uni or whatever to play in bands, so there’s a good mix of musicians from all over the UK really. The extreme metal scene is pretty strong, everyone involved is pretty much one big group of mates. New people are always getting involved too, whether playing in bands or as audience members. There are gigs going off left right and centre these days; as a promoter, one of the biggest problems I have is clashing with other gigs, which is frustrating but shows that the scene is strong.

Can you tell us something about your technical gear?

Ben: I know fuck all about the real technical side of my bass setup. I just use what pedals I think get a good tone, plug in and make people shit themselves!
Jay: We recorded with Tom Wright from DSDNT. He ended up being abit of a master with it all us well. He insisted on us recording in this massive warehouse as opposed to a studio. The snare drum sounded huge.
Biscuit: I have no idea why my gear sounds so heavy, I use a shitty Marshall head I bought for £50 and an Epiphone i got from cash converters for £60, but it sounds awesome.

Words to the Community:

Jay: If you’re not making people angry or miserable, you’re doing it wrong.
Biscuit: What is real?
Ben: Headbang until your neck breaks and you die.

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