Album of the Year 2014: Community Voting
(win the Golden Festival Ticket)


What a year. So many releases. Our team had a hard time to pick their Top5 albums 2014 last week. Now it’s you turn. Like every year, we would like to know from you, which albums are the best of 2014? To attend please use the email adress on the bottom of this article (read instructions). Also, next to a few records, you can also win a very special price:


We are looking forward to many submissions for your Top5 records of 2014. For additional motivation we have something to win again of course. Chosen by random, one lucky winner will get our Golden Festival Ticket. You will have the chance to choose which one of our partner festivals you will be able to attend for free in 2015. A big, big thank you to our partners: Desertfest Berlin, FreakValley Festival, Void Fest and the Stoned From The Underground (you will find all of them in our Festival Planner 2015. Relase in January).

Also we will raffle a few more prices. So you can also win:

How to send your Top5

  • Please number your Top5 with the numers 1-5 (see example below)
  • Please state, if you want to participate in the raffle
  • If so, please name your correct email adress
  • Your name or a unique nick name would be important too


As an example, how a valid Top5 could look like, here the Top5 records of 2013:

  1. Queens of the Stone Age – … Like Clockwork [5 Points]
  2. Vista Chino – Peace [4 Points]
  3. Clutch – Earth Rocker [3 Points]
  4. Monkey3 – The 5th Sun [2 Points]
  5. Monster Magnet – Last Patrol [1 Points]

Via the numbered order you automatically give out points. Indicated here in square brackets.

Voting is over:


* if you win, you can only choose from one of our partner festivals (Desertfest Berlin, Freak Valley, Void Fest, Stoned From The Underground)