Fatso Jetson: Tour Dates & Interview with Mario Lallide en

Fatso Jetson sind zurück! Eine der ersten Bands aus der kalifornischen Wüste, die “Stoner Rock” gespielt haben. Eigentlich mixen die Jungs von Palm Desert eine Menge Genres zusammen und erschffen so einen einzigartigen Sound.

In einem kurzem Interview, dass wir mit Mario Lalli führen konnten, könnt ihr von den Sommerplänen der Band lesen, und wie es jetzt sogar drei Lallis on Tour sind, anstatt “nur” zwei. Es ist eure Pflicht einen der Gigs zu besuchen!

Fatso Jetson Tourdates

stonerrock.eu: Are you looking forward to come back to Europe and tour here?

Mario: Man I have never been so stoked and grateful to go on tour… I recently in April had to close my club and that
was very hard on my family… big changes… the one positive is we are able to focus on playing this summer and making it a priority feels so good. We are playing so many new and amazing places, and my son Dino is only 15 years old and joins us for his first tour and trip out of the US.

stonerrock.eu: Have you recorded new songs? Are you going to play any live?

Mario: This tour was not planned to promote a new record but to just get out and play. We are performing the complete “Toasted” record in honor of it being released on vinyl (Cobraside records). When this record came out 10 years ago, the band was unable to tour at all because of our work. Now we play this heaviest of the Fatso records with new excitement and arrangements… its bad ass.

stonerrock.eu: Are you going to show up with the whole band? Larry, Tony, Vince, Dino?

Mario: The band will be myself (guitar & Voc), Dino (guitar & voc), Tony Tornay (drums) & Larry (bass)
Vince will not be joining us, he is recovering from an accident… while doing well. (He is a tuff dude) he is still healing… Salute Vince!

stonerrock.eu: What can we expect from your upcoming tour?

Mario: The band has never sounded heavier and the songs and jams we have worked hard on for the trip are our favorites from all our records.
Most of this music has never been heard outside of the desert live, … we are so fired up… Tutta Forza!!!