Newcomer of the Month – October 2013:
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Ja, es ist schon November. Und ja, wir haben einen Monat übersprungen. Nichtsdestotrotz freuen wir uns euch nun endlich unseren zweiten Newcomer vorstellen zu dürfen. Wir springen von Wucan zu Young Hunter. Von Deutschland in die USA. Und vom Blues zur experimentellen Psychedelica. Dark Psychedelica.

So nennt es zumindest Band-Kopf Ben, nachdem wir ihn im Interview (siehe unten) zu einer Spezifikation genötigt haben. Dort verrät er auch, dass er quasi alle Songs alleine am Rechner zusammen bastelt, bevor er sie seiner, ständig in Gestalt wechselnden, Band vorstellt, um die Tracks dann auszubauen und in ein Live-Format zu übertragen. Was dann heraus kommt ist ein mächtiger Mix aus sphärischen Welten, verwoben aus Schichten verschiedenster Instrumentalisierung und Genre-Einflüssen.

Wir finden das jedenfalls sehr beeindruckend und alles andere als 08/15. Vielleicht schaffen die Amerikaner ja den Sprung zu uns nach Europa, dass wir uns auch live von den Kompositionen überzeugen können. Die Band hat uns exklusiv einen Track der kommenden EP zur Verfügung gestellt, den ihr hier bzw. über unseren Soundcloud-Account anhören könnt. Zusätzlich können wir es sehr empfehlen euch durch die Bandcamp-Seite der Band durchzuhören! Viel Spaß mit Young Hunter:


Listen to their whole EP “Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain” right here.


  Gegründet   2011
  Urpsrung   US/Tucson, AZ
  Genre   Dark Psychedelia
  Einflüsse   Black Sabbath, Earth, Townes Van Zandt, Kyuss
  Young Hunter sind…
  • Ben
  • Weitere talentierte Musiker

Interview with Ben (englisch)

1. While integrating our new special feature “band of the month” we just found Young Hunter at the world wide web. We mainly support the European underground scene. Do you think it is a coincidence in some way that we straight chose you for our second ‘newcomer band’?

I don’t believe in coincidences.

2. How would you describe the influences on your style of music? On the one hand musical influences. But on the other what else inspires you? Nature? People? Certain events?

Our musical influences and inspirations are pretty all over the place. Folk and country music is are big part of my background and listening habits, as well as a lot of metal bands- the ones mentioned above, and many others. Been mostly just alternating between “Master of Puppets” and Bruce Springsteen lately. Tinariwen from Mali is an incredible band- when I lived in Tucson, they were a big influence. They are a band of Tuareg nomads from the Sahara. Their music is of the desert they live in. During my time in Arizona, the desert itself was the main inspiration, it was impossible not to plug into and channel the energy of that place. Living there, one also sees how frail and temporary our human societies and cities are, how easily they can collapse and fade in the desert as many civilizations have before us. That’s a big part of what I tend to write about- the bigger picture of that, and what it means/how it feels to be an individual in such a seemingly doomed civilization.

3. Young Hunter is a real “big band”. How difficult is it to write songs? Do you have often different opinions or is it good to have many people to create great structures?

Typically, I will write the songs with a pretty specific idea of all the various parts and bring that to the band. I use a computer and record a lot of the parts. It helps me write, and it also makes it easier to show the band the overall idea of a song without trying to just explain what I hear in my head. Then we work together to adapt it to a live band format, and usually during that time the songs change as people hear new parts in the song, and we often spend a bit of time restructuring so the song flows better, etc.

4. Like every band, I’m sure you hate it too, but how would you describe your music. Which genres come together? What’s new on your upcoming EP?

I’ve been calling it dark psychedelia. How’s that? “Psychedelic” is unfortunately one of the most overused/misused words when describing music these days. A lot of what people call “psychedelic” is just average rock music played on vintage instruments with a lot of reverb on the vocals and guitars. But I invoke that word because our intention behind our music is to actually make people look at their place in this world, in the big picture of time/space/humanity/nature differently, even just for a moment. I don’t know how often we achieve that, but that’s the hope. As far as our new EP goes, it’s pretty in line with that. We tried to make something that is both alluring/seductive and also overwhelming/intimidating.

5. Do you know any band of the European underground scene so far? Or is it just like “we have so much good stuff in the US, we do not follow up European bands!”?

There’s tons of good music in Europe, and in the US. It’s a bit overwhelming isn’t it? As far as “stoner rock” goes, there are a lot of European bands that do it very well. Mars Red Sky and Truckfighters come to mind.

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