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Roadburn presales – Graveyard Video – The Grand Astoria/Us Christmas

Here are some News about the Roadburn presales, which will be on Oct 4th. The new video and the album-release of Graveyard and the upcoming release of the split-vinyl 7″ by The Grand Astoria und US Christmas, including a short support tour by The Grand Astoria:

    Roadburn presales:

Roadburn Festival 2013 ticket pre-sales start world wide on Thursday, 4 October 2012 at 20:30 CET !!!

So be sure to get one, and be quick! Last year the tickets were sold out in 11(!) minutes!

Line-Up including:

Black Bombaim
Blues Pills
Electric Wizard
Wo Fat

Tickets Roadburn

    New Graveyard-Video & Album:

The swedish Retro-Rockers Graveyard released a new official music-video to shorten the time for their now album, which will be out at Oct 26 in Europe and Nov 6 in North America. The Single Goliath is already available as an 7″ vinyl or as download. Take a look at their for more information! YouTube Preview Image

    The Grand Astoria / US Christmas Split Release:

Our friends from The Grand Astoria are going to release a split vinyl with the great US Christmas.
This split will be released on 25.10. on 12′ vinyl by 5 different labels (Label With No Name (RU),Setalight (DE),Crumble Fight (FR),Dans le vide (FR) and Flower Punk (RU)) and is limited for 300 copies only! Side A includes absolutely new 20 minute song of The Grand Astoria and Side B comes with two rare live tracks of US Christmas which were recorded in San Francisco during their show with Neurosis! All these numbers were never published before so make sure to get your copy of this collectible item!
The Grand Astoria’s track is already available for download here

The Grand Astoria will do a short tour in support of the release where it can be purchased. Confirmed dates are:

25.10 Potsdam (DE)
26.10 Weiden (DE)
27.10 Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici (SI)
28.10 Nuremberg (DE)
1.11 Paris (FR)
3.11 Lorient (FR)
5.11 Toulouse (FR)
8.11 Tarbes (FR)
9.11 Nantes (FR)
11.11 Berlin (DE)

More dates will be announced soon. Check the details here

History of Underground Rock

There are these who hate to label everything with a certain genre name, and there are these who find it helpful. It can even lead to interesting discussions about origins and roots. To label bands and musical styles hasn’t just been invented for music magazines and the press, but to find your way in the infinite sphere of music. Especially today we are overflowed by impressions by using the Internet.

My categories don’t have to be right. Links could have be set between the wrong divisions. Each band could probably be listed in another genre. The “History of Underground Rock. Where from? Where to?” is just one way to put it. It’s not the right way. That just needed to be said. I still hope you can enjoy the visual version of our beloved music, we are listening to every day. Maybe you even find some new bands or inspirations to listen to. Either way, here it is:

Older versions:

To do list:

– Adding old desert bands like: Across The River

For improvement proposals use our community board thread. If I get enough Input there will be a version 4.0 for sure! Please don’t write emails regarding the ‘history of underground rock’.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of you!

Zahlen. Eigentlich etwas, worauf man nicht allzu viel geben sollte, richtig? Trotzdem schlägt das Herz höher, wenn die Facebook-Anhänger vom dreistelligen in den vierstelligen Bereich umschlagen. Wir wollen mit euch aber nicht nur unseren tausendsten Facebook-Like feiern.

Wir haben nämlich eine weitere Grenze überschritten. Unser Zähler auf unserer eigentlich Seite (, zählt all eure Besuche. Unter anderem wird ausgerechnet, wie viele Besucher wir monatlich haben. Und vor ein paar Tagen war es soweit: Wir hatten in den letzten 30 Tagen über 10.000 Besucher. Dabei sind Spam oder Suchmaschinen-Bots nicht mitgezählt!

Wir finden, das ist schon ein Grund zum feiern. Vorallem ein Grund, um sich zu bedanken. Wir stecken eine Menge Freizeit und Energie in unsere Seite. Jeder – eigentlich belanglose – “Like” und jedes Kommentar motiviert dabei zum weitermachen.

Als kleines Dankeschön schalten wir heute unsere “History of Underground Rock” frei. Es handelt sich dabei um den Versuch die wichtigsten Bands aus unserer Szene in einem großen Ganzen visuell darzustellen. Obwohl das eigentlich eine unmögliche (und eventuell sogar unnötige?) Aufgabe ist, haben ich mich daran versucht. Alles weitere findet ihr aber hier:

Danke, und auf eine weitere aufregende Zeit zusammen,

Tim, fürs