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A "supergroup" of sorts being as the members of the band are as follows:

Sacha Dunable – guitar, backing vocals (Intronaut, Graviton)
Derek Donley – drums, backing vocals (National Sunday Law, Graviton)
Charles Elliott – vocals, guitar (Abysmal Dawn)
Derek Rydquist – bass, backing vocals (ex-The Faceless)

They currently have one track, Withered Efflorescence, available for streaming on their Facebook. This song is only an indication of what is yet to come: Heavy, pummeling, ear-splitting Doom that will have your teeth rattling!

To date, they have only played one live show (which I was able to attend) but hopefully that will change. Looking forward to what they have to offer in 2012.

Review of live show:

Answer me with the rhythm of a body that was born to lose two times…

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